200 North 16th St, Philadelphia, PA

The area around Franklin Tower has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Access to Suburban Station with Regional Rail and Subway lines is only 11/2 blocks away. The Building has immediate access to Interstate 676, and I-95. The Benjamin Franklin Parkway is just a short walk offering parks, recreation and museums such as the Barnes and Franklin Institute. Overall, new developments have contributed to Philadelphia's CBD being recognized as a 24 hour city, with the second highest CBD residential population in the country.

The area includes hotel, healthcare, educational and religious buildings. Hahnemann Hospital is located one block away between Broad and 15th Streets and Vine and Race Streets. Directly across 16th Street is the Magee Rehabilitation Center, a renowned facility for spinal cord and brain injuries. Drexel University's School of Nursing is housed in the adjacent building and Drexel University's Medical School is part of the Hahnemann Hospital facility. Friends Meeting School is adjacent to the south and Three Parkway; a competitive office building is next to that. The Sheraton Hotel shares common areas with the property to the west and just across the street from the hotel is the Headquarters of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Directly north of the property is Three Franklin Plaza, an eight-story office building that GlaxoSmithKline formerly occupied and has been acquired by the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School.

The Property's vehicular access is superior to most other office buildings in the Philadelphia CBD due to its immediate access to Interstate 676 (the Vine Street Expressway). This portion of Interstate 676 runs for about two miles, between Interstate 95 to the east and Interstate 76 to the west. Interstate 95 serves the entire east coast and provides access to New York to the north and Wilmington, Baltimore and Washington DC to the south. Interstate 76 runs through the State of Pennsylvania and becomes the Pennsylvania Turnpike to the west in King of Prussia. The section of Interstate 76 between King of Prussia and the Walt Whitman Bridge in South Philadelphia is the Schuylkill Expressway, the busiest limited access roadway in the State of Pennsylvania. Interstate 76 West also connects to Interstate 476 to the west and provides access to most of the Pennsylvania suburbs. In addition to connecting to Interstate 95 to the east, Interstate 676 also connects to the Ben Franklin Bridge to New Jersey, about one mile from the Property. Interstate 76 East goes to South Philadelphia and the Platt Bridge providing access to the Philadelphia International Airport.

The Property has access to multiple public transportation options including all the suburban commuter train lines and the two Philadelphia subways. Suburban Station is only three blocks away at 16th and JFK Parkway and is the main station for all the commuter rail lines including the Airport Highspeed Line. The Broad Street Subway's Vine-Race station is only two blocks away on Broad Street. The Market Frankford subway is five blocks away at 15th and Market Streets. Also, northbound and southbound buses service 16th and 17th Streets, respectively, and connect to most bus routes in the city.